2014 Kent Price Venant du Coeur Blanc

“When thinking about a white southern Rhone style blend to compliment our Venant du Coeur release my head and heart turned immediately to the Central Coast and Santa Barbara County in particular given its well earned reputation for these varietals. 2014 was an ideal vintage to bring out the dual qualities of varietal character and structure. In this vintage, Viognier dominates the blend (50%) both in aromatics and depth on the palate. This is complimented by the texture and flavor components of Grenache Blanc (30%) and Roussanne (20%) that seems to be the glue tying it all together. The floral and sweet pitted fruit character on the nose is a result of the increased proportion of Viognier and Roussanne in the blend and carries forward through the palate and on to the finish. All the while, Grenache Blanc offers its characteristic rich mouthfeel adding the perfect back drop to the luscious fruit balanced by good acidity lending a sense of unity and balance. The balance and structure of the mid-palate continue on the finish with notes of white pitted fruit, pear and a touch of citrus for added complexity." — Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker

Vintage 2014
Varietals Viognier, Grenache Blanc, and Roussanne
Appellation Santa Barbara County
Price $28.00
"In every glass of Kent Price wine I see a reflection of my life"
—Kent Price

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