2012 Kent Price Venant du Coeur

“I used atypical Old World co-fermentation techniques with native yeasts to intermingle the aromatics and flavors of the three varietals in this blend.  Petite Sirah dominates the blend (46%) and was first to be harvested.  This was followed by Syrah (31%) a week later and added to the tank and kept cool awaiting the Zinfandel (23%) that followed a few days later. The 2012 Venant du Coeur expresses similarity in style and breed to its 2011 predecessor but with added layers of complexity and a deeper structure. Petite Sirah continues to contribute a deep purple hue so typical of the varietal along with masculine notes of blue and black fruits on the nose and palate. Syrah contributes its typical beacon fat character on the nose and a sense of elegance on the palate while Zinfandel adds its characteristic red berries, pepper and spice. The quality of the 2012 vintage is also expressed in the finely grained texture and generous mouthfeel together with a multi-layered and extremely long finish." — Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker

Vintage 2012
Varietals Petite Sirah, Syrah and Zinfandel
Appellation Napa Valley
Price $45.00
"In every glass of Kent Price wine I see a reflection of my life"
—Kent Price

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