2012 Kent Price Cabernet Sauvignon Pulse

2012 Kent Price Cabernet Sauvignon Pulse
Maximum allocation 12 bottles per customer

“2012 was a dream vintage in the Napa Valley with long warm days and cool evening temperatures to ensure optimal conditions for uniform ripening with ideal aromatic and flavor components. Our 2012 Pulse optimizes the vintage showing aromas of dried black cherries, currant, and sweet leather leading to a solid, rich middle core of black and red fruit tones. Concentrated mixed berries and rhubarb fill the palate complimented by a juicy and refreshing blend of earthy tannins, tobacco and currants lingering through a creamy seamless finish. Light shadings of chocolaty French oak tie these bold components together into a complex, powerful, but still approachable rendition of classic Cabernet Sauvignon from the highly regarded appellation of Rutherford.”  — Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker

Vintage 2012
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellations Rutherford, Napa Valley
Production 215 Cases
Release Dates To be released September 15, 2015
Price $65.00
"In every glass of Kent Price wine I see a reflection of my life"
—Kent Price

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