2011 Kent Price Cabernet Sauvignon Pulse

“The 2011 growing season in California's North Coast was challenging given cool temperatures and late season rainfall. But thanks to our historic vineyard location in Rutherford and the pristine farming protocols in place, along with hands on care in the winery, we were fortunate to escape many of the vintage's difficulties. The use of stabilizing tannins to hold color and rapid fermentation for maximum flavor extraction enabled us to achieve balance and complexity in the finished wine. Our 2011 Pulse is an elegant wine hearkening back to the style and seamless structure that brought Napa Valley Cabernets to the world stage - a worthy successor to our inaugural 2010 Pulse. The color is a deep ruby and the nose is explosive exhibiting deeply layered black fruits and cranberry. On the palate we see a focused wine with rich core black cherry, caramel and cedar leading to a complex finish carrying forward the flavors of the palate lingering together with smooth silky tannins. Structure, balance and finesse are the descriptors I use to describe the overall impression of this wine.” — Rudy Zuidema, Winemaker

Sorry, Sold Out
Vintage 2011
Varietal Cabernet Sauvignon
Appellations Rutherford, Napa Valley
Production 144 Cases
Price $65.00
"In every glass of Kent Price wine I see a reflection of my life"
—Kent Price

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