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I began my business career developing real estate and creating life experiences for the discretionary individual. But the reality of life’s uncertainty hit when I underwent a quintuple cardiac by-pass surgery and realized I’d been given the rare opportunity to have a second chance at life.

My vision became crystal clear. My family was the center of my life and I vowed to cherish every moment with them while embarking on a whole new chapter just ahead.  Following my passion for wine I began making my first wines in 2008 and then launched Kent Price Wines with the 2010 vintage with winemaker (and good friend) Rudy Zuidema. I was eager to face the challenges ahead with the goal of reaching new heights not even imagined just a few years earlier

I saw the creation of Kent Price Wines as an everlasting expression of love and devotion to my family. And to graphically express these feelings I focused on developing a logo design representing five intertwined circles symbolizing my wife Andrea and our four children – Lauren, Rachel, Charlie and William – flowing together in a balanced and inseparable rhythm.

Rudy is an experienced winemaker and vineyard specialist with a history going back to 1990. Given Rudy's energy and expertise along with my passion and drive, together we have made a strong team. We share the common objective of producing the finest wines possible expressing each vineyard's specific characteristics and nuances.

In Life growing grapes is like raising a family. ”Having a set formula is close-minded and flexibility is the key to everything. We have to adjust based on what nature gives us throughout the year."

Looking back, I began to see winemaking and my career in real estate development as sharing a common core:

Whether it’s the vine you plant or the foundation you lay for a house it all begins with the ground. You start with the earth and create something that enriches people’s lives.

From our hearts to your glass!      

Kent Price

Kent Price

"In every glass of Kent Price wine I see a reflection of my life"
—Kent Price

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